Load Testing, Performance Testing and Stress Testing Explained
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

Are you a looking for ways to simulate expected pressure on your software, website or application? Load testing allows you to know if your software can handle the eventual demands from the numerous end users who will be using it. Load testing is one form of … [Read More...]

Software Requirements Specifications: How To Write SRS with Examples
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

Software Requirements Specifications, also known as SRS, is the term used to describe an in-depth description of a software product to be developed. It’s considered one of the initial stages of development. Think of it like the map that points you to your … [Read More...]

How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Docker Containers
BY Joe GoldbergJoe Goldberg

Developers are discovering the power of using containers to package applications quickly and easily. This trend is driven by the need for speed and agility as it enables developers to rapidly release new applications and functions by taking a DevOps approach. … [Read More...]

6 Steps for Better Data Recovery Under GDPR
BY Carolyn HenryCarolyn Henry

Compliance is a main priority for many executives. Financial services, insurers, government agencies and so many others must comply with regulations governing how they use and protect data. As more data enters through more sources, you need to look at all of … [Read More...]

Using Spark with Hive
BY Walker RoweWalker Rowe

Here we explain how to use Apache Spark with Hive. That means instead of Hive storing data in Hadoop it stores it in Spark. The reason people use Spark instead of Hadoop is it is an all-memory database. So Hive jobs will run much faster there. Plus it moves … [Read More...]

Why Certify? The Top 5 Benefits of IT Certifications
BY Debra B. McCrawDebra B. McCraw

Earning IT certifications takes time and money, so it’s no wonder that people ask what they’ll get in return. But earning a certification has benefits beyond simply carrying a card in your wallet or posting a certificate on your wall. Here are five you can … [Read More...]

Known Error Database: An Introduction to KEDBs
BY Stephen WattsStephen Watts

ITIL is a set of best practices that help IT teams function efficiently and align with the needs of business. One important piece of the ITIL that contributes to both of these goals is the Known Error Database, often shortened to KEDB. This is a database that … [Read More...]

How to Increase Cost Transparency with Asset Discovery and Dependency Mapping
BY Joy SuJoy Su

IT asset discovery solutions like BMC Discovery add a variety of different benefits to your services and multi-cloud environments - from reducing service outages, to improving security operations, to mitigating shadow IT. But Discovery’s deep well of data can … [Read More...]

Mainframe Automation and Analytics – A Prescription to Control Your Budget and Sanity
BY Bronna ShapiroBronna Shapiro

If your mainframe organization is like those in most enterprises, here’s what you may be experiencing this time of year. Your company recently got a notice from IBM that your company’s monthly Mainframe License Charge (MLC) costs will go up another 4% in … [Read More...]

When History Repeats Itself – BMC and a History of Innovation with Db2 Utilities
BY Chad ReiberChad Reiber

There are many times history repeats itself. Why do I bring that up in an article about DB2 on z/OS? Well BMC and BMC’s Db2 Utilities are repeating history by being one step ahead yet again. Teddy Roosevelt said, “The more you know about the past, the better … [Read More...]