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Data Management for IMS

Data Management for IMS

Effectively manage your IMS environment to increase availability and control costs

BMC Data Management for IMS solutions provide easy-to-use database and transaction management to reduce your mainframe costs, prevent business outages, and meet the demands of the digital economy.

  • Identify and tune resource-intensive applications.
  • Increase application availability and IT staff productivity.
  • Ensure data integrity.
  • Implement a long-term backup and recovery strategy.

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Simplify and automate IMS operating tasks

Effectively manage your mainframe to reduce costs, increase availability, and improve application time-to-market.

Simplified administration and change management

Improve productivity and data integrity while lowering costs.

Reorgs with no outages or copies

Perform reorganizations that improve availability and reduce outage costs.

IMS database maintenance solutions

Automate your processes and ensure data integrity.

Backup and recovery solutions

Implement a complete backup and recovery strategy that optimizes performance and availability to support today's enormous, fast-growing databases.

IMS Fast Path utilities

Optimize Fast Path performance and availability.

Cross-application support

Use features that address all IMS database types.

Application and system tuning

Spot problems before writing and implementing new code.

System monitoring and tuning

Identify issues before they cause outages.

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  • Reduce the risk of introducing performance problems in a production environment.
  • Target IMS workloads and utilities that are driving the peak rolling 4-hour average.
  • Perform IMS changes fast and efficiently.
  • Reduce downtime for database restructuring.
  • Reduce costs and delay CPU upgrades through zIIP offloads.
  • Control costs related to batch workloads.

“The main reason for standardizing on BMC software is the quality of their solutions. They’re stable, fast, and easy to use. The support we receive is also first class.”

— Sven Ruhnke, IT Manager for zSeries and Databases, BITMARCK TECHNIK
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Data Management for IMS solutions

Choose from a range of data management solutions to fit your needs.

Application Accelerator for IMS

Master your IMS batch-processing environment with the powerful optimization tools available in BMC Application Accelerator for IMS.

Database Accessories for IMS

Tune up your IMS environment with a collection of high-powered database maintenance utilities.

Database Reorganization for IMS

BMC Database Reorganization for IMS lets you execute targeted, efficient database reorganizations without lengthy maintenance windows.

Database Integrity for IMS

Protect the integrity of your data and gain valuable insights into your database hierarchy with BMC Database Integrity for IMS.

Recovery for IMS

Overhaul your recovery processes with BMC Recovery for IMS to ensure that your databases will bounce back quickly from any unplanned outage.

Fast Path Utilities for IMS

Automate and simplify Fast Path maintenance tasks with Fast Path Utilities for IMS.

Transaction Management Tools for IMS

Power up your IMS Transaction Manager with a selection of powerful transaction management utilities.

MAXM Database Advisor for IMS

BMC MAXM Database Advisor for IMS shows you which databases are approaching performance, space, or recovery thresholds so you can prevent problems from occurring.

“BMC Advisor for IMS has enabled this financial services company to keep its IMS databases humming even as their requirements change constantly.”

— IDC Analysts
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